Wireless – WIFI

Wireless – WIFI

New Construction

  • Design criteria based on coverage, applications, and future technologies
  • Predictive analysis
  • AP placements on floorplans
  • Budgetary estimates

Augment Existing Networks (solve coverage or bandwidth issues)

  • RF heat map to baseline current environment
  • Document current metrics (signal strength, data rates, connectivity, etc.)
  • Create new design to solve coverage & bandwidth issues

Readiness Analysis and Reports

  • Detailed analysis of WLAN for preparation of rolling out a new device type
  • Granular review of current RF environment and WLAN configurations
  • Recommendations to facilitate high Quality of Service of new devices

Planning for RTLS (location tracking)

  • Needs analysis to determine accuracy of system (floor level, room level, 1 meter accuracy, etc.)
  • Documenting existing WLAN layout
  • Simulations and other methodologies to identify new APs locations to improve accuracy
  • Detailed implementation plan for RTLS

Turnkey Installation of WLAN (one company, one solution)

  • Installation of cabling, access points, patching, testing

Static Power and Channel Planning

  • Don’t reply on AutoRF to understand your RF environment
  • Specialists in static power and channel planning
  • Match transmit power to supported devices
  • Reduce co-channel interference to improve network throughput

Post Installation Testing and Tuning

  • RF heat mapping and performance testing
  • Fine tune AP RF configurations to optimize WiFi environment
  • Wireless packet captures
  • Optimizing WiFi for co-existence of voice and data

Spectrum Analysis

  • Spectrum analysis for non- WiFi interference
  • Identify and eliminate devices slowing down your wireless network

Rouge AP Reports

  • Locate non-enterprise APs operating in your facility
  • Intrusion detection versus just locating all WiFi devices

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