• Brass Braid Sleeving

We has recently added Brass Braid Sleeving to their FIT wire management product line. FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is a functional product that serves the purpose of protecting cables in all different environments. It is an alternative to stranded copper braid, and is known for its sleek appearance.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving has a tough exterior that provides protection against electromagnetic interference, as well as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The product is ideal for medical devices, and food, beverage, and semiconductor equipment because of its ability to kill and inhibit the growth of germs and microorganisms and continuously reduce bacterial contamination, achieving 99% reduction within two hours of being exposed.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is highly flexible and expandable, making it fit for installations of all kinds, but especially when adding extra shielding to a cable in retrofit applications. It can also be used to create a point-to-point ground strap.

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